Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Who commits crime?  Is the United States correctional system tough or easy on criminals? Has Homeland Security effectively created a safer environment in a post 9/11 world? The Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice leads students to examine these and other questions about the scientific study of criminal behaviors in their complex sociological settings. The B.A. in Criminal Justice (BACJ) imparts leadership skills to a new class of specialist – a dedicated person who employs professional knowledge of social and organizational groups and the individuals within them to enhance the fairness and effectiveness of the American criminal justice system.

The BACJ degree program utilizes the subject matter expertise from criminal justice, social science, sociology, political science, and organizational leadership. The course offerings provide adult learners the requisite tools to quickly become valuable and valued members of both public and private sector organizations, possessing effective communication skills, analytical problem-solving skills, strong ethical principles, and both a practical and theoretical understanding of organizational dynamics.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Legal System: Demonstrate an understanding of the legal system, including where and how the system of criminal justice and its actors fit within it.
  • Theory: Apply basic criminological and sociological theories to various criminal and deviant behaviors.
  • Ethics: Demonstrate an understanding of various ethical and legal dilemmas that typically confront criminal justice professionals whether employed domestically or internationally.
  • Pressures: Demonstrate an understanding of the pressures that diverse, social, cultural, economic and political actors have exerted, and continue to exert, on criminal justice systems, both domestically and internationally.
  • Research: Evaluate published research pertaining to a criminal justice issue, trend, or practice.

All courses taken in the major program must be passed with a letter grade of "C" or higher.

Courses may be used to fulfill both major and general education requirements.

Core Requirements
CJCU 250Introduction to the Administration of Criminal Justice3
CJCU 465Management in Criminal Justice Organizations3
CJCU 380Correctional Systems3
CJCU 403Police and Society3
LEST 300Foundations of Law3
POSU 344Constitutional Rights3
SOCU 301Social Research Design3
SOCU 420Sociology of Deviant Behavior3
SOCU 484Social Theory3
SSCU 494Social Science Capstone3
Core Requirements Subtotal30
Concentrations and Major Electives
Select one of the following:15
Complete a concentration of 9 credits and choose two elective courses 1
Complete a concentration of 12 credits and choose one elective course 1
Concentrations and Major Electives Subtotal15
Total Credits45

A maximum of one elective course may be lower division. Students may choose electives from criminal justice, legal studies, organizational leadership, political science, psychology, social science, social work, or sociology courses.


General Criminal Justice Concentration

CJCU 430Applied Criminology3
CJCU 432Communication and Conflict Resolution for Criminal Justice3
CJCU 434Diversity, Conflict, and Crime3
Total Credits9

Corrections Concentration

CJCU 430Applied Criminology3
CJCU 436Community Corrections and Alternative Sentences3
CJCU 438Mental Health Issues in Society3
CJCU 411Gangs and Gang Behavior3
Total Credits12

Criminal Justice Leadership Concentration

CJCU 470Public Sector Leadership and Ethics3
CJCU 471Team Leadership in Criminal Justice3
CJCU 472Criminal Justice Leadership Theory and Practice3
CJCU 434Diversity, Conflict, and Crime3
Total Credits12

Homeland Security Concentration

CJCU 450Homeland Security3
CJCU 474Counterterrorism3
CJCU 475Domestic Terrorism3
CJCU 430Applied Criminology3
Total Credits12

 Forensics Concentration

CJCU 405Forensic Studies3
CJCU 406Forensic Documentation3
CJCU 408Crime Scene Investigation3
CJCU 430Applied Criminology3
Total Credits12

Victim Advocacy- Social Justice Concentration

CJCU 416Domestic Violence3
CJCU 418Victim Advocacy3
CJCU 436Community Corrections and Alternative Sentences3
CJCU 438Mental Health Issues in Society3
Total Credits12