Minor in Criminal Justice

A minor in criminal justice requires a total of 18 credits distributed as outlined below.

Minor Core
CJCU 250Introduction to the Administration of Criminal Justice3
CJCU 380Correctional Systems3
CJCU 403Police and Society3
Minor Core Subtotal9
Students choose one of the following tracks to fulfill their remaining 9 credits within the minor:9
General track
Homeland Security track
Victim Advocacy/Social Justice track
Forensics track
Track Subtotal9
Total Credits18


General Track

Select three CJCU electives9
Total Credits9

Homeland Security Track

CJCU 450Homeland Security3
CJCU 474Counterterrorism3
CJCU 475Domestic Terrorism3
Total Credits9

Victim Advocacy/Social Justice Track

CJCU 416Domestic Violence3
CJCU 418Victim Advocacy3
CJCU 436Community Corrections and Alternative Sentences3
Total Credits9

Forensics Track

CJCU 405Forensic Studies3
CJCU 406Forensic Documentation3
CJCU 408Crime Scene Investigation3
Total Credits9