Educational Administration (EDAU)

EDAU 691 Directed Fieldwork in Administrative Services

Prerequisites: Candidates will hold a qualified prerequisite credential (teaching, counseling, librarian) and typically be employed at a public school where they will conduct their work for this class.

Fieldwork requires permission of the site administration. If the candidate is not currently employed in a position requiring a “basic” CTC credential, he/she must submit a letter identifying the school and principal under whom field work assignments will be completed. The supervising principal must hold a clear Professional Administrative Services Credential. Candidates will participate in fieldwork experiences in an administrative or quasi-administrative position for a minimum of 240 clock hours. Of those, 105 hours are completed through Brandman Administrative Services coursework, leaving 135 clock hours of fieldwork to be completed in EDAU 691. Candidates will prepare a Professional Development Plan (PDP) that is based on the California Professional Standards for Educational Leadership and reflects the learning needs of the candidate and the unique characteristics and qualities of their fieldwork placement. The PDP activities will culminate in a reflective activity and portfolio that demonstrates an ethical, working knowledge of duties and problems typically encountered by education administrators. Candidates will observe and apply principles learned in the Administrative Services Credential Program courses. May be repeated for credit. Graded Pass/No Pass. 3 credits.