Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Secondary Education with 2042 Single Subject Credential with an English Learner Authorization

Required Coursework

Please note that the required Prerequisites and fieldwork component for the credential are completed outside of the degree program.

EDUU 513Student Health and Safety2
EDUU 551Educational Applications of Computers Level I *3
PSYU 324Adolescence3
Total Credits8

A waiver of the technology requirement may be granted upon successful completion of both subtests of the CSET Preliminary Educational Technology Exam, documentation of completion of regular education computers in education coursework from an accredited college or university, or submission of an electronic portfolio (under certain conditions). 

Introductory Block
EDUU 510Introduction to Teaching3
EDUU 511Collaboration For Inclusive Schooling3
EDUU 512The Art & Craft of Teaching3
Introductory Block Subtotal9
Content Block
EDSU 530Theories, Methods, and Materials for Teaching English Learners3
EDSU 531Secondary Instructional Strategies for Language/Culturally Diverse Classrooms3
EDSU 532Effective Literacy Instruction for Single Subject Candidates3
EDSU 533Content Specific Strategies for Single Subjects (Series)3
EDSU 534Preparing 21st Century Learners: A Collaborative and Integrated Approach3
Content Block Subtotal15
Clinical Practice *
EDSU 592Directed Teaching I: Secondary School0-3
EDUU 544Student Teaching Seminar I0-2
EDSU 593Directed Teaching II: Secondary School0-3
EDUU 545Student Teaching Seminar II0-2
Clinical Practice Subtotal0-10
Advanced Core Courses
EDUU 600Research and Evaluation Methods **3
EDUU 606Seminar in Learning Theory3
EDUU 609Seminar in Curriculum Studies3
EDUU 610The Teacher As Scholarly Practitioner ***3
EDUU 611Action Research Development3
Advanced Core Courses Subtotal15
Total Credits39-49

If student teaching is waived because candidates are completing the MAT program under the Private School SB-57 Option with 3-5 years of private school experience, then the student teaching credits are not required to be replaced in the degree.


EDUU 600 Research and Evaluation Methods must be taken prior to EDUU 610 The Teacher As Scholarly Practitioner


EDUU 610 The Teacher As Scholarly Practitioner must be taken prior to EDUU 611 Action Research Development