Design Applications

NHCU 0039Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Pt I (32 clock hours/3.2 CEUs)3.2
NHCU 0040Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Pt II (32 clock hours/3.2 CEUs)3.2
NHCU 0046Web Design HTML5 & CSS3 Lvl I (16 clock hours/1.6 CEUs)1.6
NHCU 0047Web Design HTML5 & CSS3 Lvl II (16 clock hours/1.6 CEUs)1.6

Previous versions are also available.

Mobile Applications

NHCU 0048Mobile App Foundation and Development Series (35 clock hours/3.5 CEUs)3.5
NHCU 0049Mobile Web Development I (21 clock hours/2.1 CEUs)2.1
NHCU 0050Mobile Web Development II (21 clock hours/2.1 CEUs)2.1

Programming & Database Applications

NHCU 85522667 Intro to Programming (24-35 clock hours/2.4-3.5 CEUs)2.4-3.5
NHCU 8550JavaScript Programming (35 clock hours/3.5 CEUs)3.5
NHCU 8076Crystal Reports (1.6-3.2 clock hours/1.6-3.2 CEUs)1.6-3.2

Previous versions are also available.