Undergraduate Certificate:Health and Medical Administrative Services (Competency-Based)

This undergraduate certificate focuses on the skills and competencies necessary to prepare and equip health and medical administrative assistants for success in the workplace.  Upon completion of this certificate, students will demonstrate mastery in a number of essential practices and applications including business fundamentals, customer service, communication, information technology and management. 

Requirements for Admission to the Certificate Program

Students will be admitted to this competency-based program in accordance with Brandman’s Undergraduate Competency-Based Policies and Procedures for undergraduate admission.  Students enrolled in a credential program, graduate degree program, or graduate certificate program may not enroll concurrently in an undergraduate certificate program.  All competencies required for this certificate must be completed at Brandman.  

Transfer of Coursework

No transfer credits may be used.

Requirements for the Certificate Program

The certificate is awarded upon successful completion of mastery of all competencies.

The credit-bearing, competency-based Undergraduate Certificate in Health and Medical Administrative Services consists of five competencies. 

HAUC 201 Fundamental Business Skills and Workplace Behaviors in the Healthcare Setting
Develop fundamental business skills and workplace behaviors in the healthcare setting.

HAUC 202 Fostering Cultural Competency in Effective Customer Service Practices in the Healthcare Setting
Develop inclusive customer service practices in the healthcare setting.

HAUC 203 Communication Essentials in the Healthcare Setting
Utilize crucial communication skills to meet stakeholder needs and address conflict in the healthcare setting.

CSCC 200 Fundamentals of Information Technology
Develop an understanding of information technology fundamentals.

MGTC 301 Fundamentals of Management
Demonstrates an understanding of management theory and practice.