Computer Science (CSCU)

CSCU 200 Introduction to Computers and Data Processing

Students gain experience using word processing, electronic spreadsheet and database management software. The use, misuse, and abuse of computers will be discussed with examples from many fields. Different sections of this course may be offered on different hardware platforms, usually IBM-PC compatibles or Macintoshes, but the same concepts will be studied in each section and therefore the course may be taken for credit only once. 3 credits.

CSCU 205 Introduction to Programming for Business Majors

This is an introduction to computer programming for business major. Students will learn the basic concepts of how to give computer instructions by using high level programming languages in Excel, Access and Visual Basic. Visual programming with VB.NET is explored to introduce Object Oriented Programming. The emphasis will be on meeting the needs of a single user's application of Office Suite and Visual Programming. Online only. 3 credits.

CSCU 220 Object-oriented Programming I

Students are introduced to the concepts of writing instructions (i.e. programming) to the computers in a high-level computer language that utilizes Object-Oriented syntax and constructs such as JAVA or VB.NET. 3 credits.

CSCU 240 Discrete Structures

Prerequisite: MATU 101 or MATU 104.

This course is designed for students in math or computer science. Logic is emphasized, and topics include: proof and theory including inductive proofs, propositional and predicate logic, set theory, algorithms including recursion, trees, relations and functions, counting & probability. Elements of the theory of directed and undirected graphs, and the application of these topics to various areas of math and computer science. Additionally, an introduction to complexity of algorithms and recurrence relations are included in the curriculum. This course is offered only through the School of Extended Education. 4 credits.

CSCU 251 Introduction to Computing Systems Organization

Students learn the major components and structure of the hardware and software of both a computer and of a networking system. Students will learn to describe the mechanism of information processing, transfer, and control within a digital computing systems and networks. 3 credits.

CSCU 270 Information System Security

Prerequisite: CSCU 251.

Students learn systematically the concepts, issues, challenges, and technological solutions of computer networks security and develop procedural and technological solutions with hands-on practice. Online only. 3 credits.

CSCU 315 Organizational Information Systems

Students explore the role of information systems in the operation of an organization. This course introduces the use of information technologies for the access and retrieval of information from internal information systems and from systems on the Information Superhighway. 3 credits.

CSCU 353 Data Communications and Computer Networks

Prerequisite: CSCU 251.

Students explore the principles and techniques of data communications and give special emphasis to networks and distributed systems. The I.S.O. Reference Model for open systems interconnection will be investigated and the function and operation of each protocol layer analyzed. Online only. 3 credits.

CSCU 375 Data Encryptions and Information Security

Prerequisite: CSCU 251 and CSCU 270.

Students learn the concepts of data encryption, key of decryption, two-key encryption, and its application in data security; information systems security related issues and solutions are also described and experimented. 3 credits.

CSCU 383 Project Management for Information Systems

Prerequisite: CSCU 200 or equivalent.

Students develop skills in use of project management tools and methods within the context of an information system project. Study topics include the following: the information systems development process, project team organization, work breakdown, project planning, resources estimation, return on investment, risks management, monitoring and controlling, and task scheduling. Online only. 3 credits.

CSCU 385 Project Work Structure and Resources Management

Students analyze the concepts of project scope work structure, units of work, variety of project resources, project cost estimation, dynamic allocations, schedule control, and management. Online only. 3 credits.

CSCU 408 Database Management

Prerequisite: CSCU 220.

Students learn data management concepts and the representation and structure of data in the context of applications and system software. The emphasis is on design of databases and developing applications in a client- server environment using SQL as the query language. Online only. 3 credits.

CSCU 410 Structured Systems Analysis and Design

Prerequisite: CSCU 408.

Overview of the system development life cycle. Advanced study of structured systems development. Emphasis on strategies and techniques of structured analysis and structured design for producing logical methodologies for dealing with complexity in the development of information systems. Online only. 3 credits.

CSCU 415 Systems Quality Assurance and Testing

Prerequisites: CSCU 315 or CSCU 410.

This course provides an overview of the principles of Quality Management, framework of ISO 9000:2008, and methods for Software Testing. Students will produce a Quality Assurance Plan as part of a case study. Online only. 3 credits.

CSCU 453 Network Implementation

Prerequisite: CSCU 353.

Students explore the principles and techniques for implementing TCP/IP based networks using Microsoft Window servers and clients, including the skills to configure, customize, optimize, troubleshoot, and integrate networks. This course assists with preparing students to meet the Microsoft certification requirements. For Computing Technology majors only. Online only. 3 credits.

CSCU 458 Advanced Web Based Database Systems

Prerequisites: CSCU 408 and CSCU 453.

Students explore the principles and techniques for managing the most recent Microsoft's SQL Server Database System and Microsoft's Internet Information Server including the skills to install, configure, customize, optimize, and troubleshoot both the SQL Server and Information Server Systems. This course assists with preparing students to meet the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification requirements. For Computing Technology majors only. Online only 3 credits.

CSCU 461 Project Management-Managing Complex Projects

Skills and Leadership Techniques: Covering the fundamentals of project management and beyond, this course reviews the tactical skills that are needed to successfully deliver projects as well as the leadership skills necessary to lead projects to successful conclusions. Students apply project management and leadership principles to real world scenarios. Particular emphases is make on successfully managing and leading diverse and virtual project teams. 3 credits.

CSCU 483 Project Risk Management

Students explore the principles and techniques of dealing with uncertainty and risk in real-world project situations, mathematical models of uncertainty, scenarios of disaster, recovery plan, and methods of protecting a firm from disasters. Online only. 3 credits.

CSCU 498 Capstone Project

Prerequisite: Completion of 42 credits in the major.

Students create a complete set of systems analysis, design, and implementation documents for a selected field of emphasis. Online only. 3 credits.

CSCU 615 Information Technology Development and Innovation

Students explore the new developments of enterprise-wide application of Information Technologies (IT) in both hardware and software; and evaluate database management Systems (DBMS), Enterprise Inter-networking systems( Intra Net), and Web-based newer enabling systems (Extra Net). Online Only. 3 credits.

CSCU 641 Internet Based Systems Analysis and Development

Prerequisite: CSCU 615.

Students learn the process of business Systems Lifecycle Analysis, Design, Implementation and Production Management. Students are required to implement an Internet Website as one of the learning outcomes. Online only. 3 credits.

CSCU 683 Project Management for Business Majors

Students learn the concepts, current theories, and supportive technologies relating to formal project management. In addition, students develop skills to plan, initiate, monitor, communicate, and manage various types of projects in different industries. Online only. 3 credits.

CSCU 685 Risk Management

Prerequisite: CSCU 683.

Overview a variety of risks in the business world, identify risks in relevant contexts, establish policy and procedures for risk mitigation, and apply technological solutions and perform periodic audits. Online only. 3 credits.