Health Administration (HAUU)

HAUU 640 Foundations of Healthcare Administration

This course reviews the healthcare system in the United States from a healthcare administration and management perspective. Healthcare organization, delivery of services, government regulation and policy are covered in depth. Students will explore medical issues related to current healthcare administration best practices. Online only. 3 credits.

HAUU 641 Law, Ethics and Health Services

This course provides an in-depth study of the philosophy and application of legal and ethical aspects of healthcare administration and delivery with a focus on compliance, handling abuse cases and other current legal/ethical issues in healthcare. Online only. 3 credits.

HAUU 642 Healthcare Information and Communication Systems

This course will examine the principles of effective information and communication systems in the healthcare industry. A primary focus is placed on the evaluation and application of emerging technologies in healthcare management. Online only. 3 credits.

HAUU 645 Healthcare Economics

This course introduces the principles of economics as applied to the U.S. healthcare sector to support decisions about the organization and distribution of healthcare services. Economic concepts (supply and demand, cost, scare resources, utility, and others) will be applied to healthcare. The economic behaviors of consumers and suppliers will be examined as they affect allocation of health resources. Special attention is placed on health insurance, regulation, government financing, economic incentives and health reform. Online only. 3 credits.

HAUU 651 Quality Management in Healthcare

This course provides students with an understanding of the concepts of healthcare quality efforts, including measurement, process improvement and the application of information technology to optimize reimbursement and to support best practices. The primary focus is on the practical application of systems change techniques to improve patient safety and outcomes. Online only. 3 credits.