Marketing (MKTU)

MKTU 301 Principles of Marketing

Marketing orientation and concepts applied to marketing strategies and planning, pricing, product development and management, promotion and channels of distribution. Emphasis is on ethics in marketing practice and on global marketing. 3 credits.

MKTU 310 Marketing Research

Prerequisites: MKTU 301 and MATU 203.

This course examines the methods of collecting and interpreting marketing information and specific application to problems in marketing. Design and implementation of a marketing research plan, and its role in decision making are emphasized. 3 credits.

MKTU 320 Consumer Behavior

This course explores behavioral factors (such as perception, cognition, attitude, reference group and decision theories) affecting consumer decisions concerning purchase of products and services. In particular, emphasis is placed on the analysis of buyer behavior and marketing strategy development. 3 credits.

MKTU 410 International Marketing

The course encompasses the study of the economic, social, cultural, legal, political, and regulatory environment required for developing a global marketing strategy and plan. Evaluative criteria and data analysis will be utilized in entering international markets. 3 credits.

MKTU 420 Marketing Strategy

This course will develop the student's ability to think strategically about marketing problems and potential solutions. To achieve this goal, the course focuses on the marketing process as the basic framework for integrating and coordinating marketing decisions. Specifically, you will develop skills in establishing and evaluating marketing opportunities, and developing marketing strategies, and programs so that you will be better prepared to tackle the marketing problems you will encounter in your profession. As part of the course requirements, you will conduct environmental, competitive, and customer analyses to develop marketing strategies and programs. 3 credits.

MKTU 430 New Product Development

This course introduces and applies an integrated view of the process of designing, developing and launching new products. Aligning business strategy with product design, linking product development and product launch strategies, and competitive placement of new products are explored. 3 credits.

MKTU 440 Advertising and Promotional Strategy

This course provides students an opportunity to understand advertising and other promotional strategies. Integration of market research and analysis, social/ethical/economic impact, and international and local brand strategies are discussed. 3 credits.

MKTU 605 Marketing Management

This course introduces marketing strategy, providing students with an overview of the role of marketing within specific companies and society. The course will provide students with the fundamental, conceptual and analytical tools essential for a comprehensive understanding of marketing. 3 credits.

MKTU 624 Seminar in Marketing Research

Research issues, methods and applications in marketing are examined. Other issues explored are the scope of market research, buyer and industrial applications, research methodologies including research design, data collection and analysis, report writing and presentation. 3 credits.

MKTU 630 Seminar in New Product Development

New products and services are critical to successful growth and increased profits in many industries. If the product provides customers with highly valued benefits, that product will be profitable. Identifying customer perceived needs, and developing them into product concepts helps to build and manage products and brands. Competitive and segment analysis, idea generation and product launch are topics covered in this course. 3 credits.

MKTU 635 Seminar in Advertising and Promotion

This course provides an introduction to current processes and practices of advertising and promotion. The course focuses on the role of advertising and promotion in the marketing mix and the critical role advertising plays in marketing success. 3 credits.

MKTU 640 Seminar in International Marketing

Students will be introduced to global marketing environment concepts and theories that are required in order to analyze the global market and to develop global marketing strategies. The impact of such global influences as ethics, sociology, and culture will be evaluated as they pertain to international marketing activities. 3 credits.