Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) with Preliminary Education Specialist, Mild/Moderate and/or Moderate/Severe Credential(s) with the English Learner and Autism Authorizations

Core Courses
EDUU 510Introduction to Teaching3
EDUU 511Collaboration For Inclusive Schooling3
EDUU 512The Art & Craft of Teaching3
EDMU 520Literacy and Language in K-8 Classrooms I3
EDMU 521Literacy and Language in K-8 Classrooms II (Or)3
or EDSU 532 Effective Literacy Instruction for Single Subject Candidates
Core Courses Subtotal15
Emphasis Course
Select one or both of the following:3-6
Teaching Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities
Teaching Students with Moderate/Severe Disabilities
EDUU 649Data-Based Decision Making in Special Education3
EDUU 602Positive Behavior Supports3
EDUU 603Instructional Supports for Communication, Language and Literacy3
EDUU 655Individualized Education Plan Development and Special Education Law3
Emphasis Course Subtotal15-18
English Learner Requirements
EDMU 523History, Social Science and Visual/Performing Arts in K-8 Classrooms3
EDMU 524Teaching and Learning Mathematics in K-8 Classrooms3
EDMU 525Teaching and Learning Science in K-8 Classrooms3
EDSU 530Theories, Methods, and Materials for Teaching English Learners3
EDSU 531Secondary Instructional Strategies for Language/Culturally Diverse Classrooms3
EDSU 533Content Specific Strategies for Single Subjects (Series)3
EDSU 534Preparing 21st Century Learners: A Collaborative and Integrated Approach3
*English Learner Requirement can also be met by 1) Passing the CTEL examination (available only by petition, speak with your advisor about this option) 2) Hold a current CLAD/BCLAD 3) Hold a current 1059 (with CLAD) or 2042 Multiple or Single Subject(s) Credential or 4) Successfully complete the CTEL certificate courses and a portfolio (available only by petition, speak with your advisor about this option).
English Learner Requirements Subtotal0-12
Advanced Core Courses
EDUU 600Research and Evaluation Methods3
EDUU 606Seminar in Learning Theory3
EDUU 609Seminar in Curriculum Studies3
EDUU 610The Teacher As Scholarly Practitioner **3
EDUU 611Action Research Development ***3
Advanced Core Courses Subtotal15
*Clinical Practice Options8-12
Total Credits 53-57

*Clinical Practice Options: Student Teaching or Internship


Student Teaching- Mild/Moderate
EDTU 572Directed Teaching I: Mild/Moderate3
EDUU 544Student Teaching Seminar I2
EDTU 592Directed Teaching II: Mild/Moderate3
EDUU 545Student Teaching Seminar II2
Internship- Mild/Moderate
EDTU 570-ASupport Teaching I: Mild/Moderate2
EDTU 570-BSupport Teaching I: Mild/Moderate2
EDTU 570-CSupport Teaching I: Mild/Moderate2
EDTU 590-ASupported Teaching II, Mild Moderate2
*Supported teaching credits vary depending on when the intern begins.
Intern Seminars
EDUU 556Intern Seminar A2
EDUU 557Intern Seminar B2
*Clinical Practice Subtotal8-12


Student Teaching- Moderate/Severe
EDTU 573Directed Teaching I: Moderate/Severe3
EDUU 544Student Teaching Seminar I2
EDTU 593Directed Teaching II: Moderate/Severe3
EDUU 545Student Teaching Seminar II2
Internship Moderate-Severe
EDTU 571-ASupported Teaching I: Moderate/Severe2
EDTU 571-BSupported Teaching I: Moderate/Severe2
EDTU 571-CSupported Teaching I: Moderate/Severe2
EDTU 591-ASupported Teaching II, Moderate/Severe2
*Supported teaching credits vary depending on when the intern begins.
Intern Seminars
EDUU 556Intern Seminar A2
EDUU 557Intern Seminar B2
*Clinical Practice Subtotal8-12

Candidates seeking both a Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe credential will be required to complete a total of 2 sessions of Directed Teaching, one in each area and at two different school configurations (elementary, middle, or secondary) settings/levels.