Alternative Pathways to Undergraduate Admission

BrandmanTrack-A 12 credit opportunity

Brandman Track provides prospective Brandman undergraduate degree seeking students with an opportunity to obtain 12 credits to meet an admission requirement for Brandman or other institutions. In order to be admitted to a degree program, the prospective student must meet all applicable degree program admission requirements. This program is provided in multiple modalities in order to provide alignment with the student’s intended degree program choices.

Following is the description and requirements for Brandman’s Traditional Online or Blended Format. Our traditional course-based program is perfect for students who:

  • Operate better in an environment where deadlines are given to you and the weekly workload is more predictable
  • Prefer to learn in a classroom environment with weekly assignments and set due dates
  • Enjoy direct weekly interactions with classmates
  • Want the pacing of Brandman defined start and end dates for each 8 week course
  • Have an interest in one or more of the traditional online or blended Brandman undergraduate degree program disciplines
LBSU 100Student Success Strategies3
SOCU 101Introduction to Sociology3
POSU 110Introduction to American Politics3
HUMU 250Humanities in the Digital Culture3
Total Credits12

Following is the description and requirements for the Brandman MyPath Competency Based Education format. The Brandman MyPath format is the right program for students who:

  • Are a self motivated learner that wants to dictate your own learning pace
  • Have prior work experience that could apply to certain subject matter areas, for example a marketing manager without formal coursework may move through some of the marketing competencies at a faster rate than a student who does not have the same work experience
  • Prefer to work in a self-directed environment without set due dates for each assignment and the ability to complete a competency in less than the time it takes to complete a traditional 8 week course
  • Have an interest in Brandman’s MyPath Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT)
MKTC 305Fundamentals of Consumer Behavior
HUMC 115Human Experience
MKTC 301Fundamentals of Marketing
ENGC 103Written Communications Level A
MGTC 301Fundamentals of Management

Brandman MyPath Basic Skills Track

The Brandman MyPath Basic Skills Track provides prospective Brandman students with an opportunity to satisfy the admission requirements for the Associate of Art in General Business degree program. In order to be admitted to the program, the prospective student must attain successful mastery of the following competencies:

ENGC 103Written Communications Level A
MATC 103Quantitative Literacy, Level A

Students in these programs are not eligible for financial aid.  Registration into the program is granted to individuals who have a high school diploma or equivalent.