Tuition and Fees

Brandman University reserves the right to change any of the following tuition and fee rates at any time without notice.

Tuition Regular Students Per Credit Hour Active Duty Military Students and Spouses Per Credit Hour Audit Only Per Credit Hour Refundable Per Published Refund Schedule
Undergraduate Degree $500 $250 $250 Yes
Graduate Degree $660 $400 $330 Yes
Doctorate of Education (new students) $1005 $1005 $503 Yes
Doctorate of Nursing $1155 $1155 $578 Yes
Brandman MyPath (Competency Based Education): No3
Cost per Billing Period/24 Weeks (Two Billing Periods Per CBE Academic Year)* Minimum # of Units Per Billing Period/24 Weeks Total per CBE Academic Year/48 weeks*
Undergraduate Degree $3,200 12 $6,400
Graduate Degree $3,500 9 $7,000
*CBE Academic Year is defined as 24 units (Bachelor's Degree) or 18 units (Master's Degree) in 48 weeks of instruction
Other Mandatory Fees Amount Frequency
Live Text Fee $145 One-Time Yes1
Lab and Material Fees Varies by Course Per Course Yes1
Nursing General Fee $400 One Time Yes2
Nursing Advanced Physical Assessment Fee $800 One Time Yes2
Nursing Clinical Fee I $400 One Time Yes2
Nursing Clinical Fee II $400 One Time Yes2
Technology Fee $110 Per Session Yes2
Miscellaneous Fees
Brandman MyPath Re-Grade Fee $100 Per Occurence Yes4
Brandman MyPath Re-Assessment attempts (Non-Certification) $100 Per Occurence No3
Brandman MyPath Re-Assessment attempts (Certification) Varies By Competency No3
Brandman MyPath Walmart Associate Contribution Fee 5 $180 Per Billing Period No
Brandman MyPath Continuation Fee $100 Monthly 6 No
Comprehensive Exam Fee $55 Per Occurrence No
Degree Conferral and Certificate Processing Fee $150 Per Occurrence No
Duplicate Diploma Fee $50 Per Occurrence No
DNP Continuing Candidacy Fee $500 Per Session No
Nursing Clinical Continuation Fee $500 Per Session No
Practicum Continuation Fee - Undergraduate $150 Per Session No
Practicum Continuation Fee - Graduate $300 Per Session No
Ed.D. Continuing Candidacy Fee $600 Per Session No
Ed.D. Enrollment Deposit Fee $250 Per Occurrence No
Education Demonstration of Mastery Portfolio Fee $150 Per Occurrence No
Leadership Coaching Fee $135 Per Occurrence No
Nursing Hooding and Pinning Fee $200 One-Time No
Prior Learning Portfolio Assessment Fee $300 Per Occurrence No
Returned Item Processing Fee $25 Per Occurrence No
Teacher Performance Assessment Fee $125 Per Task No
Teacher Performance Remediation Fee $125 Per Task No
Transcript Fee (USPS) $10 Per Occurrence No
Transcript Fee (Electronic) $7.55 Per Occurrence No
Transcript Fee (Expedited) $10+S/H Per Occurrence No
Walmart Associate Contribution Fee 5 $60 Per Session No2

Tuition Refund Policy – Adds, Drops or Withdrawals  

  • To add or drop a class, please see the appropriate "Academic Policies and Procedures" sections of this catalog.
  • To officially add or drop a class, students must do so either through MyBrandman Self Service or submit an Add/Drop Form to their respective campus One Stop staff.
  • Failure to attend class or merely giving notice to an instructor will not be regarded as official notice of add/drop or withdrawal.
  • The date of withdrawal for purposes of tuition and/or refundable fees refunds shall be the date on which the class was officially dropped through MyBrandman Self Service or at the campus.
  • Dropping below full-time or part-time status may affect any financial aid that has been awarded and/or disbursed. Students who receive federal financial aid are subject to a pro-rated return of federal funds and will be required to return funds to the University that were previously disbursed based on a higher unit load.  Please contact your Campus One Stop staff for further information.
  • Completely withdrawing from the University or dropping classes after the published tuition and/or refundable fees refund deadline does not absolve students' financial obligations to the University.
  • Any tuition and unit-based fees credits resulting from drops will be applied to the current balance, if applicable.

Tuition and Fees Refund Policy for credit hour programs other than Brandman MyPath and School of Extended Education. Please see Academic Calendar section for specific trimester dates.

If student drops and/or withdraws Refundable Amount
Prior to the first day of classes 100%
Within the first week of classes 90%
Within the second week of classes 80%
After the second week of classes None

For more information about your state’s specific refund policies, if available, please refer to the State Authorization section online or in the catalog. 

Brandman MyPath Tuition and Fee Refund Policy

A full tuition refund will be given prior to starting competencies, but no refunds will be given once the student begins attendance and completes a substantive academic activity.

School of Extended Education Tuition and Refund Policies

The School of Extended Education provides courses and programs to non-matriculated students providing opportunities for continuing education outside of the traditional degree program. Tuition is set based on the individual programming and may vary from the standard tuition policies governing the degree programs. For the most up-to-date tuition on courses and programs offered through the School of Extended Education, as well as specific refunding policies, please visit the website at

Important Note

It is every student’s responsibility to review their student account periodically to ensure that it is correct and that all applicable credits (Grants, Loans, Scholarships, Adjustments) have been applied to their account.  

Interest Charge   

Interest is calculated at 10.75 percent per annum commencing on the applicable due date and continuing through the payment date based on the student account balance at each month end. Tuition is due on the start date of each 8 week term, as listed in the catalog. If the balance remains unpaid, interest accrues from the term start date. It is a fixed, simple interest rate. Brandman University reserves the right to change interest rate at any time without notice.